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August 19, 2014

Students create short films in summer Spanish ‘Screenplay Studies’ course

Students in professor Monica Fainzaig-Zylberberg’s summer SPAN 399 produced three amazing short films.  This is quite an impressive feat considering the condensed schedule of this 4 week long summer course.

A note from professor Fainzaig-Zylberberg:
The challenge to the students of Screenplay Studies (SPAN 399), during one month’s course, was enormous. Working in groups, and without any previous experience, they made three short movies entirely on their own, developing, editing and refining the ideas, filming, even acting all the roles.  The class did an impressive job!  A film finishes its development when the public has its viewing.  We hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed the creative experience!

by Alex Burns, Angelo Di Liberto, Matt McGoldrick, Ash Smith

by Myka Bitterman, Katelyn Fillman, Juan Lagunas, Arturo Pulido

by Sierra Nadeau, Michele Vandehey, Adrian U Young

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