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Williams launches new course in French for Professional Use

The Francophone World

Melanie Williams, Senior Instructor II of French and Head Undergraduate Advisor, has developed an innovative course that she will pilot in Spring 2019. The course, “Français pour le monde professionnel/French for Professional Use” (FR 399) will explore concepts of cultural expectations and intercultural communication in France and other francophone countries and regions. The course is designed for students from all disciplines, with built-in projects and research particular to individual student goals. Students will tailor their research around their areas of


UO Queer Film Festival Graduate Student Panel

Following the screening of  the film Bixa Travesty (Brazil, 2018), graduate students in Romance Languages will present work developed during Prof. Mayra Bottaro’s Winter seminar, SPAN 680 “Queer Temporalities and Media Aesthetics”.

Biwa Travesty is a documentary about Linn Da Quebrada, a black trans woman hip pop artist, musician, and performer from  São Paulo who raises her voice for queers of color from the favelas. More information about the film can be found here:

Faculty Profile–Devin Grammon

Devin Grammon joined the Romance Languages faculty as Assistant Professor of Spanish Sociolinguistics in fall, 2018, having earned his PhD at The Ohio State University.

Grammon identifies three pillars of his research interests: sociolinguists, language contact, and language learning. His research revolves around questions of what it means to know a language or to be a speaker of a language, which is linked to a broader platform of combating inequality and making linguistics and language learning more accessible to more people. He describes his interests as arising out of reflections on his


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