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January 27, 2016

Costales presents bilingual children’s books at Canby Public Library

costales 01Through funding from the American Library Association (ALA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), Canby Public Library is one of four Oregon Libraries to present an extensive program exploring Latino experiences in the United States. On Thursday, February 25 at 6:30 pm, bilingual children’s author and Senior Instructor of Spanish Amy Costales will tell stories, speak about the importance of Spanish heritage language and the creative writing process.

costales 02

November 3, 2015

UO Spanish Heritage Language Program featured in KUNP Destino Éxito segment

Since October of 2013 the UO Office of Enrollment Management has partnered with KUNP Univision Portland and MundoFox on a national effort to increase college attendance, retention and graduation by the Latino community. The initiative, Destino Exito, features in its most recent video two U of O students, Perla Alvarez and Gildardo E. Corona, who have both been participants in our Romance Languages SHL (Spanish Heritage Language) Program. The short video, which you can watch here, includes footage of the First Annual SHL Spring Convivio event, which took place on May 19th in the Many Nations Longhouse. As you can see in the segment, faculty and students enjoyed homemade tostadas prepared by our very own SHL Director, Profesora Claudia Holguin, ensalada de nopales, and tinga de pollo, among other delights, to the sounds of the Andean Music Ensemble (MUS 410), directed by Professor Juan Eduardo Wolf. After dinner, Profesora Holguín along with Amy Costales, Advisor for the SHL Program, presented graduating seniors with certificates acknowledging their participation in and dedication to SHL UO.

January 15, 2015

RL Spanish for Heritage Learners program wins prestigious UO MLK award

(from L-R) Holguín, Quarles, Costales, León-Howarth, Darwin-López, and Zunterstein

(from L-R) Holguín, Quarles, Costales, León-Howarth, Darwin-López, and Zunterstein

This year the University of Oregon Equity Innovation Award will be awarded to the Spanish Heritage Language (SHL) program and its working and research group on January 21, 2015 at the annual MLK Award Ceremony at the University of Oregon. The SHL program has been honored with this prize for its “outstanding work in transforming, reorganizing and streamlining the experience of the growing numbers of Latino students who pursue studies of Spanish at the University of Oregon.”

The SHL program is an initiative of the UO Department of Romance Languages to meet the needs of the changing population of our university. This program is designed specifically for Spanish heritage language learners; students who have a personal, familial, or community connection to Spanish. It is comprised of a variety of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and is taught by a diverse cross-section of faculty.

The working and research group from the UO SHL program lead by the director of the SHL program, Assistant Professor Claudia Holguín Mendoza, is composed of a team of committed, enthusiastic and dynamic educators, scholars, and staff. The SHL working and research group focuses its efforts on the development of sociolinguistic and language teaching theoretical approaches for the creation, and development of innovative pedagogical methodologies that fully acknowledge the socio-historical contexts and realities of our Latin@ heritage learners. We conceive of our SHL program and curricula development as efforts of social justice.

Join us in congratulating the SHL working and research team: Instructor Rafael Arias Anrango, Instructor and SHL Adviser and Instructor Amy Costales, Professor of Spanish Robert L. Davis, SHL Instructor Liliana Darwin-López, Assistant Professor Claudia Holguín Mendoza, Senior Instructor Kelley León-Howarth, Senior Instructor Heather Quarles, Adjunct Instructor Sebastián Urioste Guglielmone, Senior Instructor Nathan Whalen, and Senior Instructor Alex Zunterstein.