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Support Us

Supporting our Department

The Romance Languages Department depends on gifts from our alumni and friends to help us to enhance our academic programs for French, Italian, Spanish, and Romance Languages, majors and minors.

If you’d like to help, one good way to support us is to make a donation to the Romance Languages Department’s general fund. To make a contribution online, you can go directly to the University of Oregon Foundation’s secure website:

University of Oregon Foundation Secure Online Giving

Or if you’d prefer, you can send a check, made payable to the University of Oregon Foundation, to:

 Leonardo García-Pabón, Department Head, 
Department of Romance Languages,
 University of Oregon, 
Eugene, OR 97403-1233

If you would like your gift to support a specific activity, please indicate your preference in a note to the Department Head. We will see that your donation is placed in the appropriate fund.

You’ll receive a letter from the Department Head confirming your gift.

What do we do with your gifts?

Your support helps us accomplish goals both large and small:

  • Undergraduate scholarships to support language and culture studies in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and other Latin American countries.
  • Graduate Scholarships to support research, travel, and dissertation writing.
  • Faculty travel to academic conferences and research libraries.
  • Graduate student travel to job interviews.
  • Lectures by visiting speakers.
  • Symposia and conferences hosted by the Department.

Major Gifts

A number of exceptionally generous friends of the department have created permanent endowments to support specific programs and initiatives. These include:

  • Beall Graduate Scholarship. Scholarships for Romance Languages graduate students for carrying out professional development activities and/or research or creative projects or special training.
  • Françoise Calin Scholarship. Scholarship for an undergraduate student to continue studies in French.
  • Wayne André Gottshall Fund. Support for the Spanish Heritage Language Program and Latinx students on campus.
  • Emmanuel Hatzantonis Scholarship. Scholarships to carry out Italian studies in Italy with the University’s foreign studies programs.
  • Helen Fe Jones Scholarship. Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students to study Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Perugia Summer Program Scholarships. Scholarships for study on the Summer Program in Perugia.
  •  Perry J. Powers Scholarship. Scholarships for study in the Romance Languages department.
  • Stickels Scholarship. Scholarships to study in a Spanish-speaking country for graduate students.
  • James T. and Mary Alice Wetzel Graduate Fellowship. One or two $1000 scholarships to graduate students in Romance Languages, to support specific research projects.

We hope you will consider helping us change the lives of UO Romance Languages students by offering them the finest and most diverse educational opportunities possible.

If you would like to discuss the department’s long-range plans and ambitions, please contact the Department Head.