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Garvin to Deliver Keynote Address at Rutgers

“Voices,” a conference sponsored by the Italian Graduate Society at Rutgers University, will be held on November 22-23, 2019 and will feature Diana Garvin, Assistant Professor of Italian in our Department of Romance Languages. Here’s a link to the program.

Garvin conducted her postdoctoral research at the American Academy in Rome as the 2017-2018 Rome Prize winner for Modern Italian Studies. Garvin’s research examines the history of everyday life across Fascist Italy and Italian East Africa (modern-day Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia) through decolonial methodology and feminist approaches to the archive.  Specifically, she uses food as a lens to examine daily negotiations of power, demonstrating how women’s work to feed their families speaks to broader questions of gendered forms of labor, the social construction of race and racism, and what is at stake in the struggle for nourishment and for flavor both in multi-ethnic Italy and across the global south.

Garvin’s most recent publication, “Reproductive Health Care from Fascism to Forza Nuova” is under contract with Signs.  Her last article, “Singing Truth to Power: Melodic Resistance and Bodily Revolt,” was awarded the 2017 Working Class Studies Association John Russo & Sherry Linkon Award for Best Article. In Spring 2015, Critical Inquiry published Garvin’s article “Taylorist Breastfeeding in Rationalist Clinics: Constructing Industrial Motherhood in Fascist Italy,” in which she discusses the medical history of women’s reproductive work.  Past publications include translated essays from biopolitics theorists Antonio Negri and Roberto Esposito, as well as original essays in the edited volumes like The Routledge Companion to Sexuality and ColonialismRepresenting Italy through Food, and Food and Material Culture.​