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Gladhart Edits Special Issue of Symposium on Translation

Professor of Spanish Amalia Gladhart recently guest edited a special issue of the journal Symposium titled ‘Translator + Translated: New Work from Latin America’ (Symposium 68; 2014) that brings together four renowned translators of Latin American literature, including Romance Languages’ own Senior Lecturer Amanda Powell as well as Gregary Racz, Cindy Schuster, and Jean Graham-Jones. The contributors’ essays highlight both extended passages from their translations and the translators’ own reflections on the translation process. Gladhart’s goal in editing the issue was just that combination–translator [plus] translated, a chance to read what had been translated (in the case of Schuster’s and Racz’s contributions, an entire short story and poem, respectively) in concert with a consideration of how that translation was reached. The translator’s theoretical reflections are grounded in the specifics of the text under discussion, and the translations are in turn illuminated by the translator’s explanations–or maybe it’s the other way around. Narrative fiction (short story and novel), theater, and poetry are all represented. Gladhart’s introduction, a brief meditation on translation and context, sets the stage.