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Lollini and colleagues study effect of technology on Humanism

Professor of Italian Massmo Lollini, editor of Humanist Studies & the Digital Age, is pleased to present the latest issue, entitled The Mobile Text: Studying Literature in the Digital Age. The issue is entirely devoted to the proceedings of a symposium held at the University of Roma Tre, “Il testo è mobile. Studiare la letteratura dopo i nuovi media” on January 10, 2012. The symposium gathered a group of prominent Italian scholars who for years have been studying the impact of digital technology on humanist studies, from philology to literature, from the philosophy of the mind to pedagogy and art. The essays are published in the original language  (all in Italian, except for one in English). The journal provides all abstracts in English translation as well; moreover, Lollini includes a rapid summary of the main arguments developed by the various scholars in his editorial contribution.


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