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Gladhart publishes translation of novel Trafalgar by Argentine novelist Angélica Gorodischer

While teaching in the AHA study abroad program in Rosario, Argentina in fall 2011, Professor of Spanish and RL Department Head Amalia Gladhart was also able to work on a translation into English of Trafalgar, by well-known local writer Angélica Gorodischer.  The title character, Trafalgar Medrano, is an intergalactic merchant who remains firmly anchored in Rosario, where he is a fixture at the Burgundy, a local coffeehouse. Though his trips often go hilariously awry, they also offer him the opportunity to reflect on life and society on earth and elsewhere.The story cycle, first published in Argentina in 1979, is also an exploration of the nature of storytelling and the importance of story-exchange among friends.  Consulting with Gorodischer, Gladhart was able to clarify points in the translation and also to enjoy some lively story exchanges with a writer who, in her relishing of an anecdote related over coffee, has much in common with her protagonist. The translation is forthcoming from Small Beer Press in February, 2013, with excerpts available at and .