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Armianu publishes study on literary heritage of Cocteau films

How much has the new art of cinematography inherited from other artistic expressions, especially from literature? In December 2010 Visiting Professor of French Irina Armianu published a paper titled “Jean Cocteau, the movie maker: esthetics at the crossroads of literature and visual arts” in Studia Dramatica: theatre, film, media (LV, 2, 2010), a publication of the University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

A poet and a movie director, Jean Cocteau brilliantly manifested surrealist inspiration in his poetry, in the performative art of his theatrical representation, and in his cinematography. This article seeks to provide new and interdisciplinary insight into precisely those ways in which film, as an artistic expression, is intimately related to literature.

Jean Cocteau

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