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RL Activities


Nicoletta Pazzaglia (Ph.D. in RL, 2014)

My name is Nicoletta Pazzaglia and I am a former student at the University of Oregon. I received my Ph.D in Romance Languages in December 2014 with a dissertation titled Madness Apparatus: Gender Politics, Art and the Asylum in Fin-de- Siècle Italy. I am currently a second year Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian at Miami University in Oxford OH. My time at the University of Oregon has been crucial for my personal and professional growth. I am grateful I had the opportunity to study in such a vibrant department and to work closely to my advisors, Professors Nathalie Hester and Massimo



Opportunities Fair for Romance Language Students

Thursday, October 20th 12:00-3:00 p.m. Gerlinger Lounge (2nd floor, via main entrance on University St.)

Please join us for refreshments & useful ideas on ways to use your French, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge locally and internationally: Major/Minor Requirements in our department Graduate Study Spanish Heritage Language Program College of Education & Teaching Certification Programs Teach in France, Italy & Spain Peace Corps National Student Exchange (study in Québec or Puerto Rico!) Latin American Studies European Studies Teaching and



MA in French: Bonnie Auguston in Lyon

This year, I was fortunate enough to be selected to spend a term abroad in Lyon, France during my MA studies. In the absence of a doctoral candidate, the Department of Romance Languages supported my application for the Beall Graduate Scholarship and worked closely with me to ensure that I will be able to graduate on schedule. I cannot thank the department enough for this opportunity. The scholarship is designed to support graduate students carrying out professional development activities. As someone pursuing a career in teaching, it has been such a valuable experience to be able to truly


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