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Trujillo awarded Perry J. Powers scholarship

Te conecta con tus raíces y te hace valorar ser bilingüe y entender que tienes dos puntos de vista.

Wendy Trujillo, a major in Spanish with plans of becoming a teacher, was awarded the Perry J Powers scholarship by the Department of Romance Languages. Wendy was additionally awarded a UO General University Scholarship.

Wendy has a history of excelling. She migrated to the U.S. from El Salvador as a 10-year-old with her little brother in order to reunite with her parents. She faced, amongst other challenges, a language barrier. Yet she graduated from Willamette High School with honors and was



Gould addresses RL majors at 2016 Commencement

The following is the 2016 Romance Languages commencement address, given by  Evlyn Gould, CAS Distinguished Professor in the Humanities and Professor Emerita of French


Buenos días y bienvenidos; bona tarde y bemvindos;

Buona sera i benvenuti; bonjour et bienvenues…. Let your minds travel with those sounds for just a moment….

These are the sounds of other lands, other faces and other places, other smells and others tastes… These are the sounds of the Romance Languages in which we shall confer degrees today.

I am Evlyn Gould, Professor Emerita of French and I am delighted



Millar awarded fellowship at National Library of Portugal

Assistant Professor of Spanish Lanie Millar was awarded a month-long research fellowship at the National Library of Portugal in summer 2016. Millar will be working in the government archives from the Salazar/ Estado Novo dictatorship (1933-1974), to examine how the Portuguese government was tracking international leftist networks that involved intellectuals from the Portuguese African colonies in the mid-twentieth century. This research will help Millar illuminate how contemporary Angolan literature responds to ideas developed in Portugal about the colonies and their subjects.

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