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PLE Spanish Positions in Community Organizations

Procedure to follow for volunteering in these organizations

  1.  Go to an INFORMATIONAL MEETING, which is held during the first and seventh week of the term.
  2. Register for the class at the meeting.
  3. From the list below, choose one of the jobs that you are interested in .
  4. Call the contact number listed below. Present yourself as a PLE student and set up a time to meet with the organizational leader.
  5. Meet with the volunteer organizational leader in charge.  Fill out the UO PLE agreement form and you and that person will sign it. Make sure to record your hours of work and have your employer sign the time sheet.

Community Organizations Contacts

Parenting Now!
Blue Energy
Centro Latinoamericano
Early Childhood CARES Program
Food For Lane County
Habitat For Humanity

Head Start
HIV Alliance
Latin American Solidarity Committee (Previously CISCAP)
LCC, English as a Second Language, OUTREACH
Maude Kerns Art Center
New Dream Child Care Center
Relief Nursery
Spanish Heritage Language Program-UO 
United Way of Lane County – Not participating Fall Term 2019
Volunteers in Medicine Clinic

♦ Parenting Now! (86 Centential Loop, 97401) Parenting Now! provides support and education so all children are raised by nurturing, skilled parents.

Job Description: Interns work with children of the Spanish speaking community in the Crecer programs by assisting with age appropriate child activities and through interaction with families. Some interpretation may be required in program such as Baby Connection and interns will interact with children during parenting groups.

Spanish Spoken: Some to a lot

Requirements: Intermediate to advanced preferred

Contact: Rita Gillihan at 541-434-4355 or (preferred)

*Apply on the website. Background check will be provided at no cost.


♦  BlueEnergy, 1595 Walnut Street, Eugene, OR 97403 (Global Headquarters)
Description BlueEnergy delivers energy, water, and sanitation to some of the world’s most isolated, marginalized communities, providing a foundation for health, education, and economic opportunity within the context of a changing climate. Our community-based work provides an immersive, enriching learning platform for future global leaders interested in energy, water, climate change, and international development. Much of our work is conducted in Nicaragua, partnering with local and indigenous communities.
Job Description: BlueEnergy’s model is to partner with the communities we work with in Nicaragua; we don’t give things away and we stick around. Your role would be to support our US management team in translating reports, documents, field notes, and other materials produced by the Nicaragua office and community members from Spanish to English for the purpose of producing impact reports to our funders. We also have quarterly and annual reports that require translation for a broader international audience outside of Nicaragua. Occasionally, you may be tasked with translating English documents, such as a training PowerPoint, to Spanish for Nicaraguan audiences. This is an essential role in supporting our work because it gives an international voice to highly isolated communities.
Spanish Spoken: Little (written Spanish translation only)
Time: Varies
Requirements: Intermediate High to Advanced level of Spanish
Contact: Andrew Clark, US Manager, +1.541.653.7852,

♦  Centro Latinoamericano (944 W 5th Avenue Eugene, OR 97402)
Job description: Mental Health Program Assistant to assist with client intake and documentation of visits Coordinate services for clients Support Mental health therapists in working to satisfy client needs (basic case management and support) Assist in generating weekly and monthly reports Help with data entry projects The majority of this work is completed in the target language.
Spanish Spoken: a lot
Requirements: Strong level of Spanish
Job description: Assist with child care during meetings with the parents. Some interaction with the parents may be required.
*Staff is bilingual and welcomes your interaction in Spanish!*
Time: Varies
Contact: Evelyn Salinas,, 541-687-2667 ext 112.

♦  NOT PARTICIPATING IN PLE AT THIS TIME – Downtown Languages (532 C Street, Springfield, OR 97477) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase opportunities for immigrants and build respect and understanding across cultures by providing language, literacy, and other educational programs.Job description: Pilas! Latino Family Literacy Program – Classroom Assistant. Volunteers help instructors in the different classes that the program offers by assisting kids with their assignments and homework or helping with other activities, or working with adults to learn English, as well as helping facilitate the family activity which takes place every week for half hour. Tasks vary depending on the classroom in which the volunteer is placed.
Spanish spoken: From some to a lot
Requirements: A variety of language levels. Must be dependable and reliable. Needs to take initiative and fully engage in classroom activities. Full volunteer description available upon request.
Times: Mondays and Wednesdays in Springfield from 6-8PM, or Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bethel from 6-8PM.
Contact: Brook Edwards,

♦  Early Childhood CARES Program
Job Description: Working with Spanish speaking children (ages 3-5) with developmental delays and sometimes with parents.
Spanish Spoken: Some to a lot
Time: Varies
Requirements: Intermediate to Advanced level of Spanish.  Bilingual/Bicultural desired. All volunteers must participate in an orientation session with Early Childhood CARES (1/2-1 hour).

Go on-line to register:

Contact: Jeanine Taylor, 541-735-1766 or

♦  ELAW – The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) is a global alliance of
attorneys, scientists and other advocates collaborating across borders
to promote grassroots efforts to build a sustainable, just future.
Job description: ELAW requests volunteer/intern support to help with
legal and scientific document translation, website translation, and
general outreach. Internship tasks will depend on the level of fluency,
which will be determined during an in-house language evaluation.
Time: Varies
Requirements: Fluency of Spanish or French
Contact: Colleen Keane,, 541-687-8454 x.100

♦  Food for Lane County (770 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402) offers hunger relief by providing emergency food assistance for those with limited resources in Lane County.
Job Description:
Spanish Spoken: Some to a lot
Time: Varies
Requirements: A conversational level of Spanish.
Contact: Mercedys Ruby:

♦  Springfield/Eugene Habitat for Humanity (1210 Oak Patch Road, Eugene) is a nonprofit organization that builds and repairs safe, decent, and affordable homes for local families.
Job Description: Spanish-speaking volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis for various outreach efforts, and support to our partner families, such as: 1) Interpreting at meetings and presentations with Habitat families; 2) Translating documents, marketing materials, etc.; 3) Outreach to the Spanish-speaking community about Habitat programs; and 4) Serving as a family Advocate (2-year commitment).
Spanish Spoken: Some to a lot
Time: Varies, generally Monday-Friday.
Requirements: Conversational to Fluent in Spanish.
Contact: Chelsee Barrett, Family Services & Volunteer Coordinator:  (541) 741-1707.

♦  Head Start (locations vary)
Job Description: Intern will practice Spanish with children in their classrooms. Intern would work with teaching staff and have lots of chances to use their Spanish skills with stories, songs, and conversation with our 3-5 year olds. Can also help with organizing and providing bi-lingual resources for our non-English speaking families in the parent room.
Spanish Spoken: Varies
Time: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (Monday to Friday). Evening and weekend events also available.
Requirements: All levels of Spanish welcome.
Contact: Sami Allen, (541) 747-2425 ext. 1227

GED EN ESPAÑOL, University of Oregon, 1685 East 17th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97403 Job Description: Tutor in Spanish to Spanish speakers from all age groups who are studying for the General Educational Development (GED) Certificate.  Tutoring is mainly provided in writing and mathematics.

Spanish Spoken: A lot

Time: 2 hours on Saturdays

Requirements: Spanish speaker at a 3rd-year level or more, reliable, able to work in a multicultural environment.

Contact: Rafael Arias,

♦  HIV Alliance (1195A City View St., Eugene, OR 97402)
Job description: Telephone work and writing the Spanish newsletter, AND GENERAL ENGLISH TO SPANISH TRANSLATION SUPPORT.
Spanish Spoken: Varies
Time: Varies
Requirements: Bilingual (bicultural preferred)
Contact: Patti Hansen, 541-342-5088 ext. 150,

♦  Latin American Solidarity Committee (Previously CISCAP)
Job Description: Participation in fundraising, office work and public events.
Spanish Spoken: Very little
Time: Varies
Requirements: All levels of Spanish welcome
Contact: Scott Miksch: 541-485-8633,

♦  LCC, English as a Second Language, OUTREACH (4000 East 30th, Building 11, Eugene, Oregon 97405)
Position 1: ESL Classroom Assistant, Outreach-Springfield ESL Class, Springfield Middle School, Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-8:30PM.
Position 2: ESL Computer Lab Assistant, Downtown Center Campus, Monday and Friday 5-6:30PM, Main Campus, Monday-Friday 9-1 (variable hours)
Position 3: ESL Classroom Assistant, Downtown Center Campus, ESL Classes Levels 1-5, Monday and Wednesday, 6:15-9:00 p.m.
Position 4: Classroom Assistant, After Class Tutor, Main Campus LCC, Pre-Beginning/Level 1 ESL class, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Afternoons (or possibly later).
Position 5: GED/ ESL/Literacy Tutor, Main and Downtown Campuses, variable hours.
Contact Amy Gaudia, Lane Community College – Volunteer Tutor Program-101 W. 10th Street, Eugene: (541) 463-6184.

♦  ESL Classroom Assistant:
Job Description: Help instructor in English as a Second Language classroom composed of adult learners with varied levels of English proficiency. Duties may include class room set-up and clean up, assisting in students during classroom activities, small group and individual tutoring, assisting students in registration and correcting student work. Excellent opportunity for students in foreign language, (Spanish a plus but not necessary) linguistics and applied linguistics to get experience in a foreign language classroom and create professional contacts with teachers currently in practice. Spanish Spoken: a little to a lot depending on needs and abilities of students and volunteer.
Requirements: Reliable, able to follow instructor’s lead and directions in a busy classroom setting, position requires a flexible and positive mindset. Application (available on website) and teacher and/or workplace recommendation.Job description: ESL Computer Lab Assistant: Help students access language learning websites and software on computers in lab. Assist students with limited computer skills use mouse, keyboard, log-in and other basic computer skills. Assist Computer Lab Specialist in creating students accounts, and maintaining lab. Spanish Spoken: a little to a lot depending on needs and abilities of students and volunteer. Requirements: Reliable, flexible, patient and comfortable and familiar with using computers. Able to follow directions in a busy setting, position requires a flexible and positive mindset.Job Description: GED/ ESL/Literacy Tutor: Able to tutor the following subjects: English as a Second Language , GED preparation , Reading, Writing, Math & Computer skills. Spanish Spoken: a little to a lot depending on needs and abilities of students and volunteer. Requirements: Responsible and self-motivated. Desire to gain skills in teaching, while helping people in your community improve their lives. Enjoy helping people learn.

FALL ONLY – Maude Kerns Art Center: 1910 East 15th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97403
Job Description: Bilingual tour guides for El Día de los Muertos Exhibit
Spanish Spoken: Lots
Requirements: Advanced Level
Contact: Tina, Community Liaison, at or call 541-345-1571
Times: Tuesday – Thursday, October 15 – 31, 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., 45 minute tours.
Orientation: TBA

♦  The New Dream Child Care Center (1295 W. 18th St, Eugene,97402)
A non-profit organization providing educational bilingual child care to the community. There is an innovative Apprenticeship program for Latina moms which combines on-the-job-training with early learning for their children. The center is implementing a bilingual program throughout all age groups and supporting early language acquisition for infants and toddlers.
Job Description: Assist teachers with daily activities. Speak with English mono-lingual children in Spanish and/or English. Speak with Spanish speaking children in Spanish and English. Follow guidelines from the Head Start program which are provided. Help others to do likewise.
Spanish Spoken: Varies (You will have opportunities to converse informally and in classrooms with adult native Spanish speakers.)
Time: Monday – Friday 9:0o a.m.- 11:00 a.m. or 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Requirements: All levels of Spanish welcome. Ability to relate easily to small children is a plus. Professional behaviors and ability to follow directions needed.
Contact Person: Carrie, 541-344-1905.
(Criminal Background check needed to start the program. Please come in two weeks prior to start date to sign up if you do not have a number on file with the state already.)

♦  Relief Nursery: EUGENE (1720 W. 25th Avenue), SPRINGFIELD (850 S. 42nd Street)
Job Description: Work with at-risk children and families in a bilingual classroom, ages birth to 5 and on the bus. Every classroom is bilingual.
Spanish Spoken: A lot
Time: -In Eugene, Monday – Thursday 9:30-12:30 . Riding the bus: Mondays-Thursdays 7:45-9:30 a.m. and 12:30-2:00 p.m.
Time: -In Springfield, Monday-Thursday, 9:30-12:30.  Riding the bus: Mondays-Thursdays 7:45-9:30 a.m. and 12:30-2:00 p.m. Also, evening childcare available in Eugene and Springfield. Times vary.

Requirements: All levels welcome ( 1 1/2 hour training required)
Contact: Maggie Dorris, maggido@reliefnursery.orgVolunteer and Internship Coordinator. 541-343-9706 ext. 104 

The process of obtaining the correct riminal background check is facilitated through Relief Nursery. The cost is $50 and takes at least two week to process.



Crescent Park Senior Living (2951 Coburg Rd., Eugene) is an independent senior living community.

Job Description: Volunteer/Intern designs and teaches Spanish to seniors who are mainly at a novice language level. The goal is to create enthusiasm and interest in the language and culture through hands-on cultural projects, educational thematic presentations, and the teaching of basic Spanish.  Must have patience, initiative and energy to engage the group.

Spanish Spoken: All levels of Spanish proficiency are welcome

Time: Mondays from 2:00pm- 3:00pm, (some flexibility involved in scheduling)

Requirements: Minimum of 8-week commitment, class is once or twice a week, 1-1 ½ hrs long

Contact: Molly Meyer, Director of Entertainment and Programming,, 541-505-6023


♦  NOT PARTICIPATING IN PLE AT THIS TIME Spanish Heritage Language Program: a University of Oregon program designed to enrich heritage speakers’ knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural aspects in a formal academic learning context.
Job Description: Interns will visit diverse organizations around campus and in the Latina/o community to promote the program and to establish contacts for community outreach. In addition, they will develop informative bilingual brochures to inform and attract students to the program. Training will be provided to give talks to encourage heritage and Latino awareness in our community.
Spanish Spoken: Somoe to a lot
Time: Varies
Requirements: Intermediate / Advanced
Contact: Claudia Holguín Mendoza, Coordinator of the Spanish Heritage Language Program, at

NOT PARTICIPATING IN PLE FALL TERM 2019 United Way of Lane County (3171 Gateway Loop, Springfield, OR 97477),
A nonprofit agency that improves the early childhood development of children through a variety of programs, including the Promise Neighborhood program.
Job description: A Self-motivated leader of the Promise Neighborhood program, an after-school club. With the support of the site director, the leader will run the Spanish club, promoting the latino culture and Spanish language.
Spanish Spoken: A lot
Time: 2 p.m. -5 p.m. Tuesday and/or Thursday in 1st and 2nd grades, and 2:30 p.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday and/or Thursdays in 3rd-5th grades.
Requirements: Intermediate level of Spanish
Contact: Deanna at

♦  Volunteers in Medicine Clinic (2260 Marcola Road, Springfield OR 97477))
Job Description: Interpretation and front desk work
Spanish Spoken: Varies from some to quite a bit, depending on shifts
Time: Varies
Requirements: Intermediate-Advanced level
Contact: DeLeesa Meashintubby, Executive Director: 541-685-1800 ,
More Information about this organization: