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PLE (Bilingual Internships)

Participatory Learning Experience (PLE)

Participatory Learning Experience (PLE) is a bilingual internship program that allows students to use their French or Spanish language skills as volunteers in our community during the fall, winter and/or spring term. Students receive elective two credits (not applicable to the minor or major) for 32-35 hours of volunteer work in a community organization or in the 4j school system. PLE may be taken twice. Students should be at the 3rd or 4th-year level of French and/or Spanish to participate in this program. It is also available to French and/or Spanish graduate students.

Contact Instructor

If you are interested in more information about the PLE program, please contact the PLE Coordinator, Laurie de González at You may also get in touch with her via text messaging or her cell phone: 541-870-3708.



To successfully participate in the PLE you need the following:

·       You must be a French or a Spanish Undergraduate Student in your 3rd or 4th year of language study, or you must be an RL Graduate Students

·       You must volunteer 32-35 hours (max. 2 terms for general elective credits-not Spanish/French elective credits)

·       You have to attend the informational meeting

·       You will have to write a one page typed paper


There are four informational meetings every quarter. The informational meetings are held during the first, second, eighth and tenth week of classes. Registration will take place at that time. If you have declared a minor or major in French or Spanish, you will receive an email announcing these meetings.

If you have already attended an informational meeting and are interested in registering, you need not attend another meeting. Please get in touch with Laurie de González, at or 541-870-3708.



Director of Undergraduate Studies
Gina Herrmann
220 Friendly Hall

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