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Undergraduate Studies

Over 1100 University of Oregon students currently major or minor in French, Italian, Spanish, or Romance Languages (a major which combines advanced study in two Romance languages, now including Portuguese!).

Our students explore the languages, literature and cultures of the Romance world, both modern and historical. They work on understanding, speaking, reading and writing the modern language. Our courses focus on the historical roots of these languages and cultures, on cultural production (such as prose, poetry, theater, film, criticism), and linguistic knowledge.

To expose students to the cultures of countries where Romance languages are spoken, we urge students to study in a country where their target language is spoken. Visit the UO Study Abroad page for more information.

Students who intend to pursue graduate work in Romance Languages are advised to begin a second Romance Language early in their studies. Courses in English and other literatures are also highly recommended.

To declare a major or minor in French, Italian, Spanish or Romance Languages, see one of our undergraduate advisors for a drop-in advising session (no appointment necessary).

Undergraduate Advisors

Kelley León-Howarth
Melanie Williams

Undergraduate Advising Office: Friendly 213
Phone: 346-0955

Advising Hours Schedule:

WINTER TERM 2018 (January 8th-March 16th)

Monday              9:00-11:00                 advising by appointment only*
                           12:30-2:30                  drop-in advising

Tuesday             11:20-12:20               advising by appointment only*
                            2:00-3:00                    advising by appointment only*                                      

Wednesday        9:00-11:00                  drop-in advising

Friday                 9:00-11:00                 advising by appointment only*
                           11:00-1:00                  drop-in advising

Drop-in or make an appointment to declare a major or minor in our department, if your assigned advisor is off campus this term, or if you would like to find out more about the degree programs we offer.

**Instructions for making an advising appointment through the SSC platform:**

  1. Log into SSC Campus here: 
  2. Enter your duck ID and password
  3. Click on the blue button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen “Get Academic Advising”
  4. Let us know why you want advising.
  5. Select “Romance Languages” as your department
  6. Select your assigned advisor if you are a declared major or minor in the Dept. of Romance Languages, or select Melanie Williams or Kelley León Howarth if you are NOT declared in our department.

Declared Students Please Note: if you have a declared Romance Language (FR/SPAN/ITAL/RL) major or minor, you can only meet with your assigned advisor.  Please check your degree guide if you don’t know who that is. If an advisor from RL is not listed on your degree guide, please check with the main RL office in 102 Friendly (541-346-4021). DO NOT make appointments or go to drop in times with anyone other than your assigned advisor. Some advisors will have appointments available, and some will only have drop in times.  If the drop-in times do not work for your schedule, contact your advisor directly.  


Director of Undergraduate Studies
Cecilia Enjuto Rangel
417 Friendly Hall

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