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June 15, 2016

PhD candidate Erin Gallo publishes on Netflix TV series

Ph.D. candidate Erin Gallo has recently published a piece on Club de cuervos, the first Spanish-language TV series produced by Netflix and devoted to soccer. While Gallo’s dissertation deals with issues of gender in the works of Rosario Castellanos, she is also an active researcher and practitioner of soccer. imageThe article can be accessed here:

November 18, 2012

Rigoletto on Sexuality in Italian TV

Assistant Professor of Italian and Cinema Studies Sergio Rigoletto published a co-authored essay entitled ‘Country Cousins: Europeanness, sexuality and locality in contemporary Italian television’ in Modern Italy, 17:4, 2012. Link:

The essay examines the consequences of the concurrence of a recent surge of interest in LGBT lives in the Italian media with the perceived transformation of Spain. Long considered Italy’s close – though inferior – cultural cousin, Spain has been seen to be forging its own path with the reforms of the Zapatero administration, gay marriage especially. The article focuses on the TV drama Il padre delle spose (RAI1, 2006), which generated intense discussion across the political spectrum precisely during the period in which the issue of recognising domestic partnerships between same-sex couples was being contested in Italy.

'The Father of the Brides' (2006)