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February 9, 2015

L.A.-based performers Las cafeteras speak on the power of storytelling

cafeteras 2
On the morning of Wednesday February 4th the East L.A. son jarocho band Las Cafeteras took time out from their mostly sold-out West Coast tour to visit the UO and give two back-to-back workshops for our Spanish Heritage Language (SHL) classes.

The workshop, entitled “Sounds of Resistance: From Storytelling to Movement Building” was an interactive session engaging our SHL students and faculty in the power of storytelling as a tool of resistance against power, privilege and silence. The workshop incorporated Las Cafeteras’ own hip-hop infused urban folk brand of son jarocho music as well as spoken word and our own student’s personal testimonials to explore storytelling as a tool of activism and social justice. Many of the Spanish Heritage students in attendance also attended Las Caferas’ performance later that evening at the WOW Hall in downtown Eugene. Here is what students in attendance had to say about the experience:

“This workshop hit home for me. Gracias a [Senior Instructor of Spanish] Heather Quarles (pues, todas las profesoras) y el programa de SHL para esta oportunidad. ‘Until lions write books, history will glorify the hunter.’”– Jennifer Esparza

“Esta experiencia fue muy interesante para mi, porque cuando era niña vivía en east L.A. Por eso, podía relacionarme con su música y mensaje”. –Maddie Gomez

“Gracias a todos que ayudaron a traer a Las Cafeteras a la universidad para hablar. La experiencia fue fenomenal y el concierto también”. –Gabby Gomez

cafeteras 3

December 11, 2012

New Spanish Heritage Language Program

The Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon is proud to announce the launch of our new Spanish Heritage Language program (SHL).  This program is designed for students who grew up in a Spanish-speaking household or community in a country where Spanish is not the dominant language, such as the United States. SHL offers a variety of classes to meet students’ needs as heritage learners. Students with Spanish-language heritage will explore topics related to their cultural background, and coursework is designed to help them recover and/or develop their heritage linguistic abilities.  We are thrilled to offer several SHL classes starting in Fall 2012 term.  For more information about the SHL program please email:

SHL Promotional Video.
SHL Website. (

SHL courses at the U of O (2012-2013)- SPAN 218, 228, 308, 428, 438/538.

Claudia Holguín Mendoza
Assistant Professor of Spanish & Coordinator of the Spanish Heritage Language Program