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January 14, 2014

Sykes on Digital Games and Language Learning: An Empirical Overview

Julie Sykes

GLOSS and the Department of Linguistics presents the first linguistics
colloquium of 2014 with Julie Sykes of the at the University of Oregon, who will present on Friday, January 17th at 3pm in 202 Agate Hall.

Julie M. Sykes, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Recently, digital games have been on the forefront of innovation in a variety of educational contexts, including second language learning. Digital games are highlighted as being representative of transformative educational practice with individualized feedback, intense problem solving, and meaningful collaboration. But what does this really mean for second language acquisition? What is the role of digital games in L2 learning and teaching? What should the role of digital games be in the future? In this talk, I will examine these questions through a synthesis of three studies addressing different aspects of digital gaming. The first highlights findings from research in a synthetic immersive environment (i.e., a 3-D, collaborative immersive space specifically for learning language). The second examines data from place-based mobile games, and the third explores the world of vernacular (i.e., commercial) games and their associated attendant discourse(s). The talk will conclude with a discussion of future directions for game-informed research and pedagogy.

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