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April 18, 2013

Mba Ekani on colonial violence in writings of Beti and Sembène

Ph.D student in French Lise Mba Ekani is the author of the recently published article entitled “Représenter la violence coloniale : Humanisme et chosification de l’Autre chez Mongo Beti et Ousmane Sembène.” (Representing Colonial Violence: Humanism and Objectification of the Other in Ousmane Sembene and Mongo Beti). Her essay has appeared  in a special issue of the Spain-based peer-reviewed journal of French and Francophone Studies Logosphère on “Representations” (Vol. 8, 2012).

Mba Ekani’s article discusses the representation of colonial violence in African fiction. Considered pioneers of Francophone African Literatures, Mongo Beti and Ousmane Sembene have dedicated their writing to the cause of the oppressed in colonial and post-colonial Africa. This article scrutinizes the representation of colonial violence in two of their novels in order to highlight two important elements: the aestheticization of colonial violence, and resistance as a mode of survival in occupied territories. Ultimately, the study contends that the fictional representation of colonial violence points to the possibility for the African people to fight for their freedom.

Ousmane Sembène during a visit to Berlin on November 18, 1987. © Günter Prust 1987


Mongo Beti