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October 18, 2013

Opportunities Fair for Language Students

Thursday, October 24, 1:30-3:30pm, EMU Fir Room

Please join us for refreshments and conversation to help you gather information on all the following opportunities in one place:

* Major/Minor Requirements & Declaration in French, Italian, Spanish, and Romance Languages
* European Studies Progam
* Latin American Studies Program
* Spanish Language Heritage Program
* Second Language Acquisition in Teaching Program (SLAT)
* Study abroad opportunities (Office of International Affairs)
* Internships Abroad & in Lane County (Int’l Affairs, Participatory Learning Experience)
* National Student Exchange (includes options in Canada & Puerto Rico)
* Teach in France (Lycée Program), Italy (Internships in Lombardy or Piemonte), or Spain (Cultural Ambassadors Program)
* Teach for America
* Peace Corps
* Graduate Study (Dept of Romance Languages)
* Teaching Certification Programs (College of Education)
* Careers (Career Center)
* Global Scholars Hall
* Teaching and Learning Center (tutoring & academic support)

Questions?: Please contact

All Language Students Welcome!!!!