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September 6, 2013

Sepúlveda Hosts Shamans on Campus

Rosalío Vázquez Carrillo, a Mexican Maraka’me, and his apprentice Marco Caturegli, visited Senior Instructor of Spanish Jesús Sepúlveda’s seminar, Literature and Shamanism (Spanish 407) on August 5th, 2013. A Maraka’ame is a spiritual guide—or shaman—among Wixarrika indigenous people—often known as Huichol. A Maraka’me performs healing ceremonies and is considered the messenger of the divine spirits in the Wixarrika traditional communities. The Wixarrica people are well known by their crafts and their yearly pilgrimage to the desert of Wirikuta in the state of San Luis Potosí, Central Mexico.

Students had the opportunity to hear a first-hand testimony of a traditional healer. Rosalío’s presentation and the Q&A session were conducted in Spanish.