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February 19, 2014

Sepúlveda reads from new books in tour of Chile

Sepulveda-ValparaisoSenior Instructor Jesús Sepúlveda traveled to his native Chile in December to present his most recent book of poetry, Poemas de un bárbaro (Santiago de Chile: Contragolpe Ediciones, 2013)—a 261-page anthology of his selected poems that covers almost 30 years of writing.  He toured Santiago, Valparaíso, and La Serena to do poetry readings and talk to writers and the general public.  He also presented his new book of aphorisms, Antiegótico (Viña del Mar: Nihil Obstat, 2013), and the reprint of the Chilean edition of his eco-anarchist essay El jardín de las peculiarides (Olmué: Nihil Obstat, 2011)—the second French edition of this essay was also reprinted last year in Paris by Aux Forges du Vulcain.

Sepulveda-La SerenaIn January, he delivered a paper “El rito del viaje: Artaud y los tarahumaras” during the “VII International and Interdisciplinary Conference Alexander von Humboldt, Claudio Gay, and Ignacio Domeyko” at the University of Chile, where many scholars from the US, Latin America, and Europe participated.  This paper is part of a larger project called Intoxicated Texts.

September 6, 2013

Sepúlveda Hosts Shamans on Campus

Rosalío Vázquez Carrillo, a Mexican Maraka’me, and his apprentice Marco Caturegli, visited Senior Instructor of Spanish Jesús Sepúlveda’s seminar, Literature and Shamanism (Spanish 407) on August 5th, 2013. A Maraka’ame is a spiritual guide—or shaman—among Wixarrika indigenous people—often known as Huichol. A Maraka’me performs healing ceremonies and is considered the messenger of the divine spirits in the Wixarrika traditional communities. The Wixarrica people are well known by their crafts and their yearly pilgrimage to the desert of Wirikuta in the state of San Luis Potosí, Central Mexico.

Students had the opportunity to hear a first-hand testimony of a traditional healer. Rosalío’s presentation and the Q&A session were conducted in Spanish.

September 13, 2011

Eugene Arte Latino Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Eugene Arte Latino invites the community in general to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month!  Thursday, September 15th at the Kesey Plaza (Willamette & Broadway, downtown Eugene) from 6-8pm.

The celebration will include Eugene’s Mayor Kitty Piercy, miriachi, charreria, art, poetry, traditional dances, and traditional music.  RL faculty member Jesús Sepúlveda will be reading his poetry 6:15pm.  Don’t Miss it!

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