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June 14, 2016

Commencement 2016!!!

RL Celebrates its graduates. Congratulations to the class of 2016!

The Romance Languages 2016 Commencement Ceremony took place on Monday, June 13th.  The event was a held outdoors in the EMU Amphitheater. Congratulations to all of the graduates!!  A special congratulations is order for the MA graduates (Elena Delgado Vazquez, Alizée Guillou, Marie Rodiet, Maureen Toussieux, Elizabeth Valdez, Javier Velasco) and RL newly minted Doctors, Alvaro Ares, Vania Diaz Romero Paz, Sandra Mefoude Obiono, Erin Moberg, Luz Romero Montano, Aara Zweifel.

Arika & Senna DSCN4289 DSCN4301 DSCN4305 DSCN4316 DSCN4326 DSCN4329 Elizabeth & Marie DSCN4259

February 18, 2014

The RLGSA presents 3rd Annual ‘Works In Progress’

The Romance Languages Graduate Student Association presents the 3rd Annual Works in Progress Symposium on Friday, March 7th.  The event will take place in Lilis Hall room 112 from 4:00-6:00pm.

Presenters include Claudia Holguin, Alicia Luque-Ferreras, Marc Schachter, Eva Serfozo, and Leonardo Garcia-Pabon.


September 26, 2013

Stickels Scholarship recipient Fulgaro completes intensive language study in Mexico

Ivano Fulgaro, MA student in Romance Languages and a 2013 Stickels Scholarship recipient, reports the following experience from his time in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Thanks to the support of Department of Romance Languages and the Stickels Scholarship, last summer, I attended an advanced Spanish language course in Mexico. I chose to go to the Centro de Estudios para Extranjeros (CEPE) at Colegio de Español y Cultura Mexicana, University of Guadalajara. I soon realized that CEPE was the right choice since when I received the first email by Luis who helped me throughout the entire application process and during my stay. The course was well organized and delivered by an attentive instructor. We worked on several topics such as Mexican culture, cinema as well as the subjuntivo [subjunctive mood of verbs]. During my stay, I lived with a family and I had the opportunity to “taste” some Mexican food and culture with its nuances and peculiarities. Even if for a small amount of time, it was great to be part of the community and to communicate with people in a different language. The more languages we speak the bigger our world is.