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March 22, 2011

Barnett interviewed in US French periodical France-Amérique

« Il faut arrêter de mettre la France sur un piédestal. Elle devrait être au même niveau que la Suisse, la Belgique ou le Québec car elle n’est qu’une partie de la francophonie mondiale»

We must stop putting France on a pedestal. It should be on the same level as Switzerland, Belgium, or Québec, for it is only one part of the francophone world.

Due to his interest in the American varieties of French and his participation in a forum organized by the Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques last summer in New Brunswick, instructor and second-year French Supervisor C. Brian Barnett was interviewed by France-Amérique.

This monthly magazine is America’s largest and only nationwide French-language publication, serving an audience of French expatriates, Francophones, and French-speaking Americans.  The article: La Francophonie, une jeunesse en movement focuses on the role of French with the younger generations in the United States.  Dr. Barnett shared his thoughts on problems that the American varieties face in comparison to European French and what could be done in order to make French seen as a relevant language in the United States.