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September 19, 2017

Erin Gallo (Ph.D. Candidate 2018) Publishes in Hispanic Review

Ph.D. candidate Erin Gallo has just published an article in the prestigious Hispanic Review.

Abstract: In September 1966, during the incipient stages of the US Women’s Liberation Movement, Rosario Castellanos (1925–1974) began a yearlong stay in the United States as a visiting professor of Spanish at three state institutions. This article studies the lasting impressions of US liberationist discourses on Castellanos, who was simultaneously negotiating separation from her then-husband Ricardo Guerra. Through a close reading of the letters she wrote to Guerra and through interviews with two of her former students, this article contends that it was during this decisive year abroad that Castellanos began to reconcile the dissonance between her public feminist persona and its private enactment in her family life.

For more info about the article, you can contact Erin Gallo directly at

June 15, 2016

PhD candidate Erin Gallo publishes on Netflix TV series

Ph.D. candidate Erin Gallo has recently published a piece on Club de cuervos, the first Spanish-language TV series produced by Netflix and devoted to soccer. While Gallo’s dissertation deals with issues of gender in the works of Rosario Castellanos, she is also an active researcher and practitioner of soccer. imageThe article can be accessed here:

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