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Exploring Majors and Minors? Looking for more information about a specific major or minor? Declaring?

If you’re exploring the full range of majors that might match your interests and strengths, we encourage you to connect with the Tykeson College and Career Advising Team.

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Tykeson Academic and Career Advisors will help you clarify your interests, meet academic requirements, discuss career possibilities with Career Readiness Coaches, and put you in touch with the many resources available to help you succeed.

The Tykeson College and Career Advising team can also help with introductory advising on majors/minors in Romance Languages, and help you integrate activities to help with career preparation, answer your questions about core education and university policies and procedures, and connect you with other resources for student success.

The Global Connections Flight Path team of Tykeson also now handles all Declarations of Romance Languages Majors and Minors (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romance Languages). 

Romance Languages Advising

The Department of Romance Languages highly encourages RL majors and minors to work closely with their Assigned Faculty Advisor to assure they stay on track to graduate, and get the most out of their experience in RL.  See the next two headers below for how to find your Assigned RL Advisor.
For general RL advising for students who have not yet declared an RL major or minor, or for students who want to declare, contact the Global Connections Flight Path team of Tykeson College and Career Advising.  See below for how to ask questions or schedule an appointment with Global Connections.

Help for already declared Majors or Minors in French, Italian, Spanish, or Romance Languages:

Please Contact your Assigned RL Advisor for assistance with course selection, schedule planning, prerequisites, RL degree questions, integrating study abroad with your major or minor, making sure you are on track to graduate, and any other questions related to your major or minor within the Department of Romance Languages.

Who is my Assigned RL Advisor?

Find your assigned advisor at the top of your Degree Guide in Duckweb
Find your assigned advisor in the Navigate Student app (go to Resources > People)
Find your assigned advisor in the Navigate site (Your Success Team box)

Declare a Major or Minor in French, Italian, Spanish, or Romance Languages:

To ask questions about RL classes or to declare a major or minor, please schedule an appointment with the Global Connections Flight Path team of Tykeson College and Career Advising. [See Chat below]. 

The Global Connections Advising Team in Tykeson works closely with the Department of Romance Languages to ensure students have a clear understanding of major and minor requirements. 

During your appointment, the Global Connections advisor (Courtney, Clay, Christina, or Kenlei) will provide an overview of RL major/minor requirements, assist in course selection, cover basic study abroad possibilities, and officially send your major or minor declaration to the Registrar.

The Department of Romance Languages will then email you a Letter of Welcome with the name of your Assigned RL Advisor, with whom you will work in the future.

How do I schedule a remote appointment with a Global Connections Advisor?