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Romance Languages presents:


Thursday, October 19th
Redwood Auditorium, EMU

Wondering how to use your language skills locally or internationally?

Considering study abroad?

Want to ask about majors and minors in our department or other academic opportunities on campus?

Thinking about how your language skills will help you after graduation?

Then join us!

On campus academic and professional opportunities:

  • study another language: French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • major/minor requirements & declaration in French, Italian, Spanish, and Romance Languages (use your Portuguese!)
  • European Studies Program
  • Latin American Studies Program
  • Spanish Heritage Language Program
  • Second Language Acquisition & Teaching Program (SLAT)
  • Global Scholars Hall (Living in French / Living in Spanish)
  • Teaching and Learning Center
  • Study abroad
  • Internships in Lane County and abroad
  • National Student Exchange (study in Le Québec or Puerto Rico!)

Opportunities for after you graduate:

*  Teach in France (Lycée Program)
*  Teach in Italy (Internships in Lombardy or Piemonte)
*  Teach in Spain (Cultural Ambassadors Program)
*  Teach for America
*  Peace Corps
*  Graduate Study in Romance Languages
 Teaching Certification Program (College of Education)
*  Career Center (workshops, internship & career fairs, etc.)


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