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PhD in Romance Languages – Alumni


Valeria Del Barco
Dissertation Title: Diálogos Transoceánicos Coloniales: Poética Criolla en Negociación 
Co-chairs: Leah Middlebrook & Amanda Powell

Brandon Rigby 
Dissertation Title: Interliminal Tongues: Self-translation in Contemporary Transatlantic Bilingual Poetry
Chair: Cecilia Enjuto Rangel

Alexandra Slav
Dissertation Title: Writing Like an Artist: Trendsetters and Tastemakers in France, 1850-1900
Chair: Evlyn Gould


Álvaro Ares 
Dissertation Title: Monstruos familiares: representaciones culturales del miedo durante la Guerra Civil y la posguerra en lia literature y el cine español contemporáneo
Co-chairs: Gina Herrmann & Pedro García-Caro
Placement: Instructor of Spanish, World Language Department, Century High School, OR

Vania Diaz Romero Paz 
Dissertation Title: La Revolución de 1952 en la novela Boliviana contemporánea escrita por mujeres
Co-chairs: Cecilia Enjuto Rangel & Amalia Gladhart

Sandra Mefoude Obiono
Dissertation Title: La banalité de l’exclusion. Autopsie in vivo de quelques romans d’auteures caribéennes et subsahriennes (Condé, Mukasonga, Danticat et Miano)
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Lecturer of French, Department of French and Italian, Dartmouth College

Aara Zweifel 
Dissertation Title: Spiralist Interconnection and Environmental Consciousness in Caribbean Literature
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Instructor of French & Spanish, Pendleton High School, OR


Luz Montano Romero 
Dissertation Title: Gubernamentalidad y Construcción de Sentidos de Ciudadanía y Criminalidad en la Narcoliteratura
Chair: Analisa Taylor

Erin Moberg 
Dissertation Title: From the Fields to the Streets to the Stage: Chicana Agency and Identity Within the Movimiento
Chair: Analisa Taylor
Placement: Bilingual Skill-Building Coordinator, Ophelia’s Place – a nonprofit dedicated to strengths-based, preventative services for girl-identified and non-binary youth (ages 10-18) in Lane County, OR and surrounding regions

Antonio Rius
Dissertation Title: The Conundrums of Narrative: Cervantes in the Context of the Cronicas de Indias
Chair: Leah Middlebrook
Placement: Clinical Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Catholic University, Washington D.C.


Antonella Antonelli
Dissertation Title: Scenes, seasons, and speces: Textual modes of address in modern French, American, and Russian literature
Co-chairs: Nathalie Hester & Massimo Lollini
Placement: Instructor of Italian, University of Oregon

Robert Arroyo
Dissertation Title: Retrato y Autorretrato Indigena: Resistencia y Autonomia en las Americas
Chair: Analisa Taylor

Ana-Maria M’Enesti
Dissertation Title: A Painter of the Absurd: Reading Through and Beyond Eugene Ionesco’s Humanism
Chair: Alexandre Albert-Galtier
Placement: Instructor of French, University of Oregon

Nicoletta Pazzaglia
Dissertation Title: Madness Apparatus: Gender Politics, Art and the Asylum in Fin-de-Siecle Italy
Co-chairs: Nathalie Hester & Massimo Lollini
Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University

Anna Lesiuk-Cummings
Dissertation title: Self-Identity and Alterity in Renaissance Humanism between Elite and Popular Discourses
Chair: Nathalie Hester


Patrick Moneyang
Dissertation Title: La Misere intellectuelle dans quelques fictions cinematographiques et litteraires de l’Afrique subsaharienne
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: French Language 2nd Year Supervisor, University of Oregon


Paulo Henriquez
Dissertation Title: Centauros latinoamericanos: El bandido como simbolo cultural En el espacio fronterizo de America Latin
Chair: Pedro Garcia-Caro
Placement: Instructor of Spanish, University of Oregon

Luis Portugal
Dissertation Title: Curiosidad barroca: La coleccion en la cultura literaria hispanoamericana virreinal y contemporanea
Chair: Leonardo García-Pabón
Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish, Western Washington University

Blanca Aranda
Dissertation Title: Textualidad e identidad: Por una teoria de la intertextualidad en los Andes
Chair: Analisa Taylor & Tania Triana
Placement: Assistant Professor of Spanish, Western Washington University


Stephen McCormick
Dissertation Title: Remapping the story: Franco-Italian epic and Lombardia as a narrative community (1250-1441)
Chair: Barbara Altmann & Gina Psaki
Placement: Assistant Professor of Italian and French, Washington and Lee University



Antoine Bargel
Dissertation Title: Jorge Semprun, le roman de l’histoire
Chair: Massimo Lollini

Nicolino Applauso
Dissertation title: Curses and laughter: The ethics of political invective in the comic poetry of high and late medieval Italy
Chair: Gina Psaki
Placement: Assistant Professor of Italian, James Madison University

Sonja Burrows
Dissertation Title: Beyond the comfort zone: Monolingual idealogies, bilingual U.S. Latino texts
Chair: Robert Davis
Placement: Project Manager, English Language Learning and Assessment, Middlebury Interactive Languages


Roman Fonkoue
Dissertation Title: Esthétique et Éthique de L’Agentivité Dans le Roman Antillais
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Assistant Professor of French and Cultural Studies, Michigan Tech


Lisa DiGiovanni
Dissertation Title: Longing for Resistance: Nostalgia and the Novel in Postdictatorial Spain and Chile
Chair: Gina Herrmann
Placement: Assistant Professor of Spanish, Keene State College

Christen Picicci
Dissertation Title: Force of human suffering in sixteenth-century epic poetry: Torquto Tasso’s ‘Gerusalemme Liberata’ and Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga’s ‘Araucana’
Chair: Massimo Lollini
Placement: Associate Professor of Italian, Colorado State University at Pueblo


Christina Anne Lux
Dissertation Title: Literary Warscapes in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Assistant Director of the Center for the Humanities, University of California at Merced

Kathryn Olsen*
Dissertation Title: Regenerative illusion in the novels of Falkner, Nabokov, and Proust
Chair: Louise Westling & Karen McPherson

Olivier Clarinval
Dissertation Title: Temple of the unfamiliar: Childhood memories in Nina Bouraoui, Ying Chen, and Gisele Pineau
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Instructor of French, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (BC)


Marianna Shagalova
Dissertation Title: On the French Novel at the Turn of the Century: The Pain of Existence in a World Deprived of Meaning
Chair: Alexandre Albert-Galtier
Placement: Adjunct Instructor of French, University of Portland

Freddy Vilches
Dissertation Title: Poetry, Song, and Popular Culture in Latin America: The Chilean New Song Movement
Chair: Juan Epple
Placement: Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Director of Latin American Studies, Lewis and Clark College


Javier Dominguez García
Dissertation Title: Memorias del futuro: La construcción de Santiago y el mito de España
Chair: David Castillo
Placement: Assistant Professor of Spanish Medieval and Golden Age, Utah State University

Alain-Fleury Ekorong
Dissertation Title: Kabbalah and the poetics of early modernity in Renaissance France
Chair: Evlyn Gould

Enrico Vettore
Dissertation Title: The aesth/ethics of Leonardo Sciascia’s writing: How Alessandro Manzoni and Jorge Luis Borges created a Sicilian writer
Chair: Massimo Lollini & David Castillo
Placement: Assistant Professor of Italian, University of California, Long Beach

Thomas Regele
Dissertation Title: Constructing the Present by Recasting the Past: Perceptions and Expressions of ‘Las Dos Españas’ in the ‘Refundición’
Chair: David Castillo
Placement: Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, Montana State University


Ramonu Sanusi
Dissertation Title: Representations of sub-Saharan African women in colonial and post-colonial novels in French
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Reader of European Studies, University of Ibadan

Karen Almquist
Dissertation Title: Works of mourning: Francophone women’s postcolonial fictions of trauma and loss
Chair: Karen McPherson

David Miralles
Dissertation Title: Poeticas de la postmodernidad: Literatura chilena neovanguardista durante la dictadura militar (1973-1990)
Chair: Juan Epple
Placement: Professor of Literary Theory, Autonomous University of Queretaro in Mexico


Jesús Sepúlveda
Dissertation Title: Toward a Poetic of De-Inhabitation
Chair: Leonardo García-Pabón
Placement: Senior Instructor of Spanish Composition, Creative Writing, and Poetry, University of Oregon

Luis Rojas-Velarde
Dissertation Title: Abrasive dream: Latino writers and the ethnic paradigm
Chair: Leonardo García-Pabón

Cesare Vespignani
Dissertation Title: El discurso de la guerra y la formación del estado: tratados políticos y noticias de soldados en España e Italia en los siglos XVI y XVII
Chair: David Castillo & Massimo Lollini

Philip Ojo
Dissertation Title: Mortuary tropes and identity articulation in Francophone Caribbean and Sub-Saharan African narratives
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Associate Professor of French, Agnes Scott College

Cecilia Badano
Dissertation Title: La novela historica latinoamericana entre dos siglos. Un caso: ‘Santa Evita,’ cadaver exquisito de paseo por el canon
Chair: Juan Epple
Placement: Professor of Languages ​​and Literature, Autonomous University of Queretaro in Mexico

Amy Tibbitts
Dissertation Title: Solitary Women Wanderers: Urban Stories of Resistance in Contemporary Spanish Women’s Narrative
Chair: Barbara May
Placement: Department Chair, Associate Professor of Spanish, Beloit College


Florence Jurney
Dissertation Title: Voix/es libres: expression de la maternité feminine dans une sélection d’oeuvres francophones des Caraïbes
Chair: Karen McPherson
Placement: Chair of French Department, Gettysburg College

Amado Lascar
Dissertation Title: La novela chilena de tema indigena del signo XIX: Un ejemplo de marginalizacion
Chair: Juan Epple
Placement: Professor of Latin American Studies, Ohio University

Marcella Salvi
Dissertation Title: Escenas en conflicto: Un estudio de los margenes del teatro barroco en España e Italia
Chair: David Castillo & Julian Weiss
Placement: Associate Professor of Modern Languages, St. Lawrence University

Maria Echenique
Dissertation Title: Si nos permiten hablar: narrados Bolivianas del siglo XX
Chair: Mónica Szurmuk
Placement: Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Portland

Jean Robin
Dissertation Title: Expérience et modèle dans les textes littéraires et scientifiques classiques
Chair: Alexandre Albert-Galtier & Evlyn Gould
Placement: Associate Professor of French, Undergraduate Advisor of French, University of Alabama


Laurie Wilson
Dissertation Title: Representation of the années noires and the evolution of memory in postwar French literature
Chair: Françoise Calin

Francisco Javier de la Cabada
Dissertation Title: La cuidad de México en la ensayística posmoderna
Chair: Juan Epple


Carmen Mayer-Robin
Dissertation Title: Pathologies of a post-Enlightenment Siècle de nerfs: Alimentation and intoxication in Flaubert, Zola, Huysmans
Chair: Evlyn Gould
Placement: Associate Professor of French, Graduate French Literature Adviser, University of Alabama

Erika Hess
Dissertation Title: Cross-dressers, werewolves, serpent-women, and wild men: physical and narrative indeterminacy in French narrative, medieval and modern
Chair: Barbara Altmann & Gina Psaki
Placement: Associate Professor of French, Northern Arizona University

Brenda Watts
Dissertation Title: Historical transgressions: the creation of a transnational female political subject in works by Chicana writers
Chair: Barbara May
Placement: Adjunct Instructor of Spanish, Western Oregon University