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Romance Languages Graduate Student Association

• Mission Statement

RLGSA Postcard finalThe Romance Languages Graduate Student Association (RLGSA) is the body responsible for representing and advocating for the interests of the graduate students in the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon. This body seeks to foster a sense of community and collaboration between faculty and graduate students through mentorship and intradepartmental collaboration, while raising greater awareness throughout the student body of the wealth of opportunities offered by the Department of Romance Languages.

Check out our website for more information and/or email us at


  • Macarena Tejada-López, President
  • Natalie Brenner, Vice-President
  • Sheela Hadjivassiliou, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Marian Paiva Mediavilla, MA 2 Representative
  • Yasmin Silvia Portales Machado, MA 1 Representative
  • Eva Serfozo, Ph.D. Representative
  • Nagore Sedano, Public Relations


• Graduate Student Symposium:

The Department Romance Languages Graduate Student Symposium is one of the major academic events hosted by the graduate students from the Department of Romance Languages. The symposium gives national and international graduate students opportunities for scholarly exchange. Not only does it foster interdisciplinary cohesion within our university community, it also provides a forum within which graduate students can present their research and engage the most recent debates in Romance Language studies. The symposium is currently held every year, during the fall term. Information about the 2016 RL Grad Student Symposium will be posted here as soon as it is made available.

For more information please contact us by email at

Previous Conferences:

2015     Outbreak/Breakout
November 13th-14th (website)

2012     Resistance and Occupation
November 9th-10th (website) (poster)

2010    Displacing Boundaries in the Romance Language World
November 19-20  (website)  (Poster)