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2018 Autorretrato Poetry Awards announced


Warm congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Autorretrato Poetry Awards!

After reading Pablo Neruda’s poem “Autorretrato” during the third week of classes—and following plenty of creative conversations about poetic descriptions—all 462 second-year Spanish students created their own poetry, writing “self-portrait” poems in emulation of Neruda’s style. Instructors selected the best poem from each of their classes, and a combined student and faculty committee chose the winners from among twenty-one finalists. Senior Instructor II Rosario Murcia coordinated the awards, with the collaboration of the entire second-year teaching team. Winners received gift-certificates to the Duck Store.

And the winners are. . .

First Place: Seth J. Arbogast for his poem “Memorias atrapadas en las cenizas” (Yosa Vidal’s student).

Second Place: Noa Cohen for her poem “Estoy orgullosa” (Marina Peñalosa Montero’s student).

Third Place: Emma R. Snyder for her poem “Yuxtaposición” (Gloria Zabala’s student).