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Middlebrook on Cervantes’ Orphic Mode

Leah Middlebrook’s most recent essay, “Poetry and the Persiles: Cervantes’ Orphic Mode” appears in the most recent issue of the journal eHumanista (eHumanista/Cervantes (5). 2016. Ed. María Mercedes Alcalá Galán). Over the past number of years, she has been exploring intersections and divergences between poetry and genre; this new essay makes the case for considering Cervantes’ prose romance _Los Trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda_ through the lens of the twenty-first century poet William Carlos Williams. Middlebrook is wrapping up her term as President of the MLA Forum on 16th and 17th century Spanish and Iberian Poetry and Prose, and she was elected to the Executive Council of the Cervantes Society of America this past Fall, for a two-year term (2017-2019).

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