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SHL Grads Nava Costales, García Bautista, and Santillán Nieto win awards

shl awardsThree students who participated in the Department of Romance Languages’ Spanish Heritage Language program were recognized at the University Awards Celebration this spring.

Kelsey Nava Costales received the Nontraditional Student Award, which recognizes the breadth and depth of experience and contributions made by nontraditional students as they balance academics and other work and family responsibilities.  Kelsey is majoring in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Planning, Public Policy and Management and works at the UO Center for Multicultural and Academic Excellence. She also works with Latino youth in foster care through Oregon Community Programs. She took three SHL classes this year and was nominated by her SHL instructor, Heather Quarles.

Romario García Bautista and Vanessa Santillán Nieto were recipients of the Centurion Award, given to 100 students from all classes for dedication and outstanding service as student leaders in the last year. Romario is a double major in Journalism and Anthropology and he works at the UO Center for Multicultural and Academic Excellence. In addition to English and Spanish, he speaks Zapotec, which he integrated into his creative writing in his Comunidades Bilingües class. This year he is Programs Coordinator for MEChA. He is currently organizing an end-of-the-year event to allow the Latino community at the University of Oregon and Lane county to come together and interact with one another.. Vanessa is double majoring in Spanish and Journalism with a minor in Media Studies. This year Vanessa is the MEChA historian, and she is currently planning and facilitating the MECHA and Mujeres graduation and awards ceremony.

In regards to the Spanish Heritage Language program, Vanessa said, “Coming into college I wasn’t aware of the term heritage language and I had never taken a Spanish class before coming to the UO because I was already fluent and had grown up with it, but when I found out about the SHL program I was immediately interested. SHL changed my complete prospective of the study of Spanish. It not only helped me determine my second major, which is Spanish, but it gave me the confidence and support I needed on this campus.”

Felicidades, Vanessa, Romario and Kelsey