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Valdez publishes essay on poetry of Ernesto Cardenal

ValdezSpanish MA student Elizabeth Valdez published “La ideología revolucionaria en los versos de Ernesto Cardenal” in the latest issue of Blogoteca de Babel, online journal of the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

In this article Valdez examines how the resistance poetry of Ernesto Cardenal conveyed ideology during the 1979 Nicaraguan Revolution. Using a new historicism approach, “COMUNICADO” (communiqué), a Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) document, serves as the textual reference for analyzing the poems, “Final Offensive” and “Busy” from Cardenal’s Flights of Victory. Juxtaposing the two types of texts illustrates that while Cardenal was committed to the FSLN ideology, he also upheld his own utopic democratic ideology by locating power among the Nicaraguan people and not entirely with the FSLN leadership. In this way, Valdez shows how “Final Offensive” and “Busy” may be used as alternative archival resources critical to understanding the transitional phase of the revolution.

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