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Spanish is the official language of over twenty countries in the world, and it is the de facto second language of the United States.

In the Spanish sector of RL, we provide classes that help students develop linguistic abilities in the language, with an emphasis on real-world proficiency, as well as introduce students to the major historical and cultural phenomena that characterize the Spanish-speaking world.

Our faculty expertise spans the entire gamut of places and genres: from the cultures of medieval Iberia to the literary and linguistic diversity of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, United States, Mesoamerica, the Andean region, and the Southern Cone of South America. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, and our teachers participate in UO departments and programs in Comparative LiteratureEthnic Studies,European StudiesLatin American StudiesMedieval Studies, and Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT).

Undergraduate Studies

The RL department offers a major and a minor In Spanish as part of the BA degree. Students pursuing these degrees have the opportunity to spend one or more terms in different Spanish speaking countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, and Spain. The department also offers scholarships to help students with their studies in Spanish. Students can also do a B.A. in Romance Languages combining Spanish and French or Italian.

Graduate Studies

We offer an MA in Spanish, and a PhD in Romance Languages with emphasis in Spanish. Students doing graduate studies in our department are trained in different approaches to literary and cultural studies, as well as to textual production of all periods and regions of the Spanish speaking world. Students can also do an M.A. in Romance languages combining Spanish and French or Italian.

Most of our graduate students have a Graduate Teaching Fellowship. We also offer scholarships and support for travel to professional meetings.

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