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C. Brian Barnett

C. Brian Barnett profile picture


Degrees/Certificates and locations:
Ph.D. in language education, Indiana University at Bloomington
Secondary school certification (French), Indiana University at Bloomington
M.A. in French instruction, Indiana University at Bloomington
B.A. in French & Spanish, Kansas State University

Research and teaching interests:

Francophone communities of the Americas (Louisiana, Acadia, Quebec, Caribbean)
World languages pedagogy
Strategies & styles based instruction
Materials & curriculum development
Bilingual education
Francophone children's literature
Francophone comics
Service learning


Barnett, C. B. (2010). French immersion teachers' attitudes toward Louisiana varieties of French and the integration of such varieties in their classroom: A Quantitative and qualitative analysis. Co-chairs Martha Nyikos and Kevin Rottet. Indiana University at Bloomington.

Departmental Travel Blog:

Courses taught:

FR 201, FR 202, & FR 203 Second-Year French
FR 307 Oral Skills
FR 320 Advanced French Grammar
FR 399 Héritages francophones aux États-Unis
FR 407 La Louisiane francophone 

RL 410/510 Language Teaching Planning 

FR 609 Practicum Second-Year Pedagogy
EDST 634 Second Language Conversation & Composition (in Education Studies' UO Teach program)
LT 610 Learning Styles and Strategies (in Linguistics' Language Teaching Specialization MA)


Lâche pas ! (expression franco-louisianaise)


Canadian Studies at the University of Oregon:
Language Teacher Specialization Profile: